Hello guys my name is Justin and I’m writing this article for you all the way from Canada. I live in Toronto with my family and for the last two years I’ve been turning my hobby into a new income which for most is the ideal thing in life. Now I’m not saying I’m getting rich from it here but I make some cash on the side and that’s not only amazing as a personal feat but it helps a lot too.

I work as a sales manager at an online company, we sell accessories for pets. I can’t complain too much about my job, it’s not that hard and the pay is not that low. The thing is, I got a family of 4. Me, my wife and two beautiful daughters if I may say so and boy the money disappears without a trace every month I get my pay check. Most of you know of what I’m talking about and that is why I’m going to share with you my latest experience and maybe help you make an extra buck for that nice long weekend or for a new phone for your kids because I know I need all of that and more for mine.

I’ve always wanted to review lotto leader and now I finally got the time to do it. I know you’ve been wondering at the beginning about how I make money and now that you’ve read the word lotto in there you might have doubts but trust me when I say it works. Winning the lotto for most is a one in a million chances and they don’t even try. Having that mentality from the get go is the biggest mistake you can make. The victory goes to the perseverant is what I always say. Winning money with the lottery means you have to keep playing until you hit the right numbers and where better than an online lottery website?

Think about it, you can play the lotto as many times as you want without moving out of your comfort zone. Why get out of the house or stop whatever you were doing when you can keep doing it while also playing the lotto via your phone? I mean you can keep playing as often as you can and in the end that is the key of your success. I’m sure by now you’re wondering how do I win and how much money we are talking about and I’m about to tell you everything.

You see as I mentioned above if you start playing the lotto as I do you won’t be winning millions of dollars, for example my last two winnings were 40$ and 456$. The sum can vary depending on how many numbers you catch. With a bit of luck you can win a couple of hundreds of dollars per month.

My parents live in North Bay which is about 350km away and I see them at least 1nce a month. I fly there, it takes about 55 minutes, doing this every month can make a dent on your wallet but thanks to this new way of making money mine is quite ok. I know what you’re thinking “so you fly once a month, what’s the big deal?” well it might not be a big deal for you but I have to buy 4 tickets for my family and that is not easy. Traveling was always a problem since we’re so many but for now I’ve got things under control.

I had to find a way to keep my parents happy too since they’re quite old and I’d like to enjoy all the moments we have left together and I want my children to see their grandparents as often as possible. Growing up I didn’t have grandparents to visit (mine died when I was 1 year old in a terrible accident) and I know how important that is, now that I have a family of my own I’d love to keep it all together for as long as possible. Since I already have a job which I can’t really leave I had to find a new way of making money and now I want to share it with you.

My first thought when I heard about this company was exactly this “must be a scam”. I mean who plays the lotto on the internet and why wouldn’t you just go to the store and buy a ticket? Well as I said earlier it takes time and if you do it online you got more flexibility. Think about it, winning the lottery is not easy feat, you have to keep playing and make sure you never stop until you see a difference. Now doing that requires time, can you say you got so much time on your hand you can keep going back and forth for lottery tickets? You can place reminders on your laptop or smartphone to announce when you must play the lotto again or when the results are out. Although these details might not seem important now wait until you start playing and see your account getting fatter. So is it a scam? No, Lottery Leader is far from that. They run a legitimate online company which is registered and protected.

I personally have never had problems withdrawing my winnings. Everything went smoothly every single time and I’m sure you won’t have any problems either. They have a lot of customers already and if you think about it, how could they become so popular if they were scammers?

I wanted to review lotto leader and now I’ve finally done it, I hope it has been of help to you. I strongly recommend you give it a go and see the truth in my side of the story and if you don’t get results within the first two to three weeks then you can leave it but I guarantee that you will be winning money, not millions, but enough to make a difference in your life!